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Considering that current year was entitled as “Jihadi presence in virtual space” by the institute manager, since last days of May audiovisual clips of institute were uploaded in famous national websites such as Mobarez Clip, Roshangari, Mostazafin TV, etc. and they were warmly welcomed. Now you can have a look at these clips.

You must be faithful deep in your heart!

I just came to tell God that I am not an insurgent. the insurgent means a person not to interrupt his communication with God, not the one who says that I am faithful deep in my heart.

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How do we ask God for our needs?

The truth of"closeness" to god in the eyes of the late allameh tabatabai is: To find knowledge of god`s precepts Be a good servant to god Seek the excellence of morality and practice the recommended precepts of religion

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Why do not we respect religious learning?

So, When the Quran is recited, then listen to it...It says: be silent...After prayer someone among the praying people recites: Surah al-aHzaab -verse 56. It is a verse of Quran , is not it? Why we talk when it recited?

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Marriage & choosing a spouse

First, marriage in Islam is recommended, if it is possible for someone to commit a sin by being unmarried then marriage becomes an obligatory. ... He says that even if they are poor, if they intend to marry, God will grant them sufficiency out of this bounty.

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Degeneration or development!

How do we live? How do we look at this story? How do we use this ease in life, these invented gadgets? For interest of the world`s life, for our pleasure.

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the certain signs and indications of reappearance

The must occur prior of the reappearance. According some narrations there are five signs. also some of narrations mentioned ten signs. But the five signs are more documentary. The appearance of Yemani and Sufyani; the call from the sky, the murder of an innocent soul(Nafs-e-Zakiyya). The sinking into the desert ground.

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when will the sanctions be lifted?

If you step back they will comforward more. that we give the front of falsehood privilege to make them attrackt or he... you clearly saw it in the uclear negotiations.

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?Dont leave your post!

We should remember that first of all define the corresponding post for ourselves. Than remember not to leave our post.

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How to cope with deprivations

What you have done to your religious beliefs? Are things you must build up. You can not say it is just related to mother, father genetic. It is not under our control. It is God want. No Yourself. Your religious beliefs.

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The certain signs and indications of reappearance

the certain signs of reappearance are the ones are n`t limited by or depending on any conditions to happen. the appearance of yemani and sufyani; the call from the sky the murder of an innocent soull(Nafse-e-Zakiyya). the sinking into the desert ground . Amir al-mu`minin, peace be upon him narrated from the messanger of Allah: ten things will occur before the reappearance and rebellion of Imam Zaman (peace be upon him): Sufyani, Dajjal, smoke, the beast of the earth( Dabbat al-arz), advent of Imam Zaman, Sunrise from the west, descent of Isa, Eclipse of the Arabian Island, the fire from Aden.

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